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Sep 29, 2012

Over the span of two years, I had the incredible experience of working with Chef Lynn Crawford at her gourmet food shop Ruby Eats. When I started work on Ruby Eats’ online presence, Chef Lynn already had a large online following, as well as a tight-knit community of supporters and restaurant goers in Toronto’s East End. My objective was to create engaging online content that would serve Chef’s online fans, and invite the local community to check out her in-store offerings.

I focused on the Ruby Eats blog and Facebook page as the main channels of online engagement, and was supported by Chef Lynn’s already strong Twitter presence. We created content centered on the team’s passion for making delicious meals that our visitors could try at home:

I took photographs of feature products and local produce to share on the Ruby Eats blog. I also photographed live cooking demos, which were shared alongside recaps and recipes. Facebook posts about treats brought over from Chef’s kitchen had regulars racing into the store within minutes of checking their Facebook feed. The thing I enjoyed most was keeping an ongoing dialogue with Ruby Eats patrons and other local businesses, which put me in touch with the community’s interests and needs.

Ruby Eats closed its doors in 2014, and thus their website is no longer available. While most images are missing, I’ve preserved some of the blog content I created for Ruby eats. You can view samples in the gallery below.